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White Pine

The king of North America’s eastern forests, white pine claims top rank in terms of elegant and cost-effective solutions that can breathe life into a durable and harmonious patio, terrace, pergola or gazebo project.

In fact, white pine can pride itself on an excellent price/performance ratio that will add style and personality to an urban backyard or devise a look that impeccably complements the architecture of a chalet or country home.

A soft wood, white pine is often already treated, which ensures its high-performance level, longevity, and versatility. Easy to maintain, a simple cleaning followed by the application of a stain or paint every two to three years will get the job done.

Natural and affordable, white pine can over time show some signs of wear, which is hardly a negative feature for those seeking an authentic, more nature-inspired style. Depending on the finishing products, treatments and maintenance, the lifespan of white pine boards and planks ranges from 10 to 15 years, often more.

Found in abundance in eastern North America, the United States, Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes, the white pine can claim a more local feel than other types of wood or imported products, in particular regarding its reduced transport needs.

Also available and installed by the Patio de ville team, red pine boasts greater density and nuances than its cousin, the white pine. Its reddish tinge and grain texture are also much appreciated.

White Pine floor


  • Elegant and affordable option
  • Treated wood, cost-effective, always in vogue
  • Perfect for terraces, patios, and fences
  • Excellent stability and climate resilience
  • Smooth and lightweight wood, straight and uniform grain
  • Powerful and versatile
  • For any type of outdoor cladding or amenity

In a nutshell

White pine is an excellent choice on account of its price/performance ratio, its elegance, versatility, and adaptability to a variety of environments and installations.

We like

The entire body of work! Also, the fact that white pine can be found in our immediate surroundings and that its harvesting is continually being updated in a sensible, durable way, for instance in closer geographic proximity than other wood species. Also, its timeless look and character, which lives up to its modern spirit without denying its vintage look.

White Pine treated with brown color